'Don't shoot what it looks like.  Shoot what it feels like.'

This is what photographer, David Alan Harvey said and this is exactly my approach at Littlewing Photos .  I want to capture the feeling of what I am looking at: Your feelings.

I am based between Gascony, Paris, Le Touquet and London but would love to travel to photograph and photo document you, your family, your pets, your wedding or special event, landscapes that you love, everyday moments, difficult moments - but not just limited to these.

Self portrait using a mirror

Who I am

Born in England to Irish parents and raised with six brothers and one charming sister, I then went on to have five kids of my own. I’ve lived in the UK, Australia and now SW France with my French husband, three of the kids and two black labradors.

I was bought my first DSLR back in 2007 and would pick it up from time to time and sometimes with mild as well as surprising success. I became passionate (aka fixed, crazy, boring, obsessed - thinking about potential images non stop, shouting at my kids ‘Quick! Quick! Get into that light and don’t move!’) with photography only within the last few years and am self taught.

As well as being a photographer, I am also a singer. In fact, I photographed a wedding and then sang with my band the following day which was great fun.

All of these experiences contribute to how I photograph. It also means that I am used to deadlines and stress, chaos, lots of people, noise, different personalities….life and all it throws at you. It has taught me to retain my sense of humour at all times, to keep a cool head but most importantly it has taught me about people. And people are fascinating - to me at any rate.

Thanks for visiting the site and please get in touch if you would like to know more about how I can help document you, your event or even just your daily life.


ps for those of you, like me, who hate being in front of the camera, I will treat you very gently.

Why not combine my photography with some drone footage by Antony Lancashire ? A completely different perspective by a fully licensed drone pilot.

Get in touch and allow me to capture a time in your life.

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Photography featured in some of the wedding images by Landie Corbett of Green Lotus Photography

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