Cam & Flo / by fran corbett

And Ozzie came too

And Ozzie came too

The couple and Ozzie arrived and as I would imagine no one wants a camera pointing at them two minutes after saying a quick ‘bonjour’ I asked the couple to move around, play with the dog.

I am a little bit in love with him

I am a little bit in love with him

Le Touquet Paris Plage is one of the most beautiful beaches and I was so happy to be able to do a photo session using this location. I loved that the couple asked if they could bring Ozzie too. A rescue dog, who at only 9 months old was the best behaved boy. He wasn’t camera shy at all.

Moving through the dunes and onto the beach, I felt that I could take a few closer shots. The light was by now quite harsh so it was amazing that Cam managed to keep her eyes open at all.

Despite not really enjoying having the camera pointed at her, Cam was incredibly gracious and is going to make a beautiful bride.


Don’t they make a gorgeous family? I hope that Ozzie will be at the wedding ceremony too?


This shot was way harder than you would think. There was part of a branch in the way, they were between me and what suddenly became a busy cycle path and Ozzie wasn’t as interested in creating photos for his Instagram page…..

The Prosecco !! I had an idea to have the couple shake it up, open it, spray it and drink a bit. It didn't quite go as planned.


Can’t wait to photograph the wedding at the end of August.