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The Wedding of Emma & Andy - a preview

Gin & tonics, avocado & toast, make up brushes, floral dress & violet- blue hair. A room full to the brim of female activity. The bar is being stocked. Shiny bottles with artistic labels, floral straws in a glass jar. Paper decorations bloom - their white harsh in the midday sun. Lizards on the steps to the peeling blue painted door. Dark interiors housing new clothes and promises of a bright future. String lights festive only when the sun descends. The vines tremble in the breeze. Heat rises from the crackling over the fire pit. Time check. On schedule. Guests assemble, walking along the very edges of the shade. Hard shadow. Songbird follows the procession. The steps are climbed. The confetti thrown. The party begins as the humour continues.

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Dear Emma & Andy & Guests,

The Wedding Gallery is ready. To access with the password click HERE

You were such FUN to photograph. If you like the images, let me know. I’d love to hear from you.




Photographers - Fran, Littlewing Photos & Landie of Green Lotus Photography

Caterers - Rosie, Restaurant Montclera

Dress - Tadashi shoji